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General Photo Album... OWF POUNKS!
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our livjernal

welcom to ouifebemrsa, the hom of the brafe, and the land non-punk orange and pink louveing beebis. pleexz loowk aroun our sate and laf at the founny satirical pickturs.

mrsa and febe (mey) are two leetl beaybeys. We are two yers old. Mrsa is wiany, and oogly, with 2 peegtails and lakes pink coler. Febe (me) is orange, loufes orange, eets only orange fowd, and is smrt and beeutful with gray afro.

youw can sey our pikcher on the 'contact us' payge. uze navigation on the left to git to our other pages foul of good th\angs.

harisun fowrd, the ulteemate pownk

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they stank